Create a Zen Spa Bedroom for Utmost Relaxation

A bedroom is the sanctuary for many people. This is the place where people could escape the chaos of their daily lives. If you design a bedroom with the study of Zen Buddhism in mind, it will evoke the peacefulness, simplicity and serenity in your master suite. Zen is actually a Buddhist approach to life. Designing your boudoir in the style of a Zen spa requires a quiet space. You should strike a balance between wood based materials, color and Zen inspired accessories to make your bedroom a peaceful haven for your weary body and mind.

Try to keep the design as simple as possible and do explore new ideas. You are not required to gain the knowledge of Asian decoration for the sake of designing a Zen spa bedroom. Ask yourself what you could do for creating a boudoir where you could relax, meditate and sleep peacefully.

Check out the colors, wood, accessories and natural elements for making your spa bedroom a place for ultimate relaxation:


Warm earth colors and sea tones help to create a peaceful atmosphere in any Zen themed bedroom. Make a list of neutral colors that will make an appeal to you but look into the fact that the colors are not drab. The colors must soothe your senses like nature. Some color instances include sand tones, white, violet, gray, brown, purple, light blue and light green. Opt for a color that could be the main color theme for your boudoir. Try to paint the walls in shades of beige, ivory or light blue for decreasing the distraction and reflecting the natural light entering your room from the windows. In order to offer a traditional Japanese look to your boudoir, place shades of deep red on the walls and balance the shades with black and white accents all through your room.


Since the Zen philosophy is rooted in nature, the basic materials required for your bedroom include the wooden flooring and the bed frame. The laminate or the bamboo floors could complement a neutral color scheme like those of wooden futons, bed frames or bamboo blinds. Try to select woods that are very easy to clean and that form a clean minimalist line crucial for Zen theme.


Specific accessories could highlight a Zen theme bedroom. However you should try to keep the clutter to the minimum. In order to take an instance a Buddha statue, wall art depicting nature in the form of pebbles, incense sticks, Koi fish and a picture of the waterfall help to bring the perfect composure for your Zen spa boudoir. Moreover you could place pillows or cushions in a single area of your boudoir for your meditation.

Natural Elements

If you bring earthy touches to your boudoir, it will help to create a peaceful and natural balance to your space. Remember that peacefulness and natural balance are the major components of Zen philosophy. Include bonsai trees or lucky bamboos with table top water fountains and tea light candles to infuse your boudoir with the tranquility associated with the Buddhist religion.

Apart from considering the colors, wood, accessories and natural elements, try to get rid of all clutter from your bedroom with the help of storage boxes. If your bedroom is messy it will not evoke the right feel to your Zen theme. As a result you should clean your boudoir thoroughly. Look around and try to remove any item which doesn’t invoke a peaceful atmosphere. You could also add a Japanese item to your bedroom like a traditional Japanese folding screen. Design your Zen spa bedroom in an appropriate way and get utmost relaxation in the comforts of your own space.