Importance of Outdoor Umbrellas to Protect From Sun Exposure Risks

One of the main activities that people enjoy doing in the hotel or resort’s outdoors is sitting in the sun. Although this is highly discouraged without safety measures, sunlight has its own benefits, but of course with limitations. A 30-minute relaxation under the sun empowers the body with vitamin D, and can heal some skin conditions. When 30 minutes pass, it would be necessary to sit under an outdoor umbrella.

Every hospitality business should, not only provide outdoor umbrellas, but also advise their guests to use them. But what is the importance of umbrellas for the health?

Maintain late aging of the skin:

Exposing the skin to sunlight can cause several damage to the human body, but one of the least dangerous is the early aging of the skin. What does that mean? Aging has several effects on the skin, like:

  • It turns it solid, but looser.
  • It makes it more transparent
  • It gets more easily bruised.

Skin aging has also effects for under the skin itself:

  • It loses fat in the cheeks, nose, chin.
  • It loses the cartilage in the nose.

Protect the eyes from damage:

The eyes are composed of different layers, and one of them is the eyelid. This thin skin has for role, with other layers, to protect the eyes, however, it is not unbreakable against UV light. If exposed to sunlight for a long time, the different layers that shields the eyes will get damaged causing different types of casualties, like:

  • Eyelid cancer, which can be spotted due to swelling, a change in appearance of the skin, or an infection. However, these symptoms are not exclusive for cancer.
  • Damage of the retina Cataract, which results in a blurred vision caused by a damage of the lens

Sitting under an umbrella helps protect the eyes from damage, but for ultimum security, sunglasses are necessary.

Avoiding skin cancer:

One of the major reasons for which people go to the beach is suntanning. However, laying in the sun for a long time increases the risk of skin cancer. In order to avoid that, it is highly recommended to spend the peak hours when the UV light is the strongest (between 12pm and 3pm) under an umbrella. When the UV light is at its lowest (in the morning, or after 3pm), it would be safer to get direct sun exposure.

Furnishing the resorts and hotels with outdoor umbrellas give guests a safe access to enjoy the beautiful weather. While relaxing in the shades of an umbrella with a canopy made from the right material, the guests will be less exposed to UV light risks, and will remain warm and comfortable. For this, hospitality businesses should feel some kind of responsibility and urge their guests in sitting in the shades of outdoor umbrellas.

In order to keep your guests safe, contact a hospitality outdoor furniture supplier.