Four Ways Ceramic Tiles Can Make Your Home Unique

Four Ways Ceramic Tiles Can Make Your Home Unique

Ceramic tiles are traditionally used in the home for counter surfaces, bathroom walls and floors, and kitchen backsplashes. If you want to make your house look more unique, consider these four ideas for using this medium in a totally new way!

Mosaic Art

If you want to use ceramic tiles in a traditional manner, that doesn’t mean the results have to be boring. Make a mosaic out of pieces of various sizes, shapes, and colors. Attach these pieces directly to your bathroom or kitchen wall with glue or grout for a kitschy pattern. There’s no limit to the many patterns you can design with mosaics.

You can also make a mosaic on a wooden or glass tabletop: first, spread some grout across the surface, and then place pieces in random patterns for an eclectic and totally unique furnishing. Place this refurbished table in a dining room, sunroom, or any other area where it can be admired.


If you want to use leftover ceramic tiles from a remodeling project in a fun and easy way, consider making coasters. All you need is scrap paper cut to the size of the material, some glue, and a finishing spray to keep the surface from getting stained or wet. Glue the paper to the square tile, and you have pretty coasters you can use to spice up your dining or coffee tables or to give to guests.

Homemade Whiteboard

Another fun thing you can do with tiling is use it as a whiteboard. These non-porous surfaces are perfect for whiteboard markers. You can write down recipes, bill dates, and shopping lists with ease. Glue a small magnet or hook on the back of these homemade whiteboards and keep one in every room in the house. If you want to give them some extra pizazz, paint pretty flowers along the side of the board or glue small glass beads. Each whiteboard can be decorated to match a room in your house.

Alcohol Ink Art

If you want something unique, ceramic tiles can be used in a fun and creative way. Alcohol inks applied to the slick surface bleed and spread to create a cool dyed effect. Add mica flakes to the piece for a hint of glitter and shine. Place several of these quirky paintings on your wall for a splash of color that will impress everyone who sees them.

Ceramic tiles can make your home more unique when it comes to decorating. Explore homemade whiteboards, coasters for your tables, and even wall decor that you’ll love. Whether you have a few loose pieces or extra stock from a home improvement project, make your walls and other surfaces joyful and colorful with this creative medium. Pick up a box of tiles from your local home improvement store and let your imagination run wild.