How to Clean Carpets Like a Pro

No matter what cleaning carpets is always a tedious task due to which we pay quite a lot attention to not even spill a drop on one but despite all of our efforts it does stain with time. Carpets not only protect the flooring but provide a look to even a mundane d├ęcor but cleaning? We either rely on vacuum cleaners or some agencies working for the same. If done in the right and mindful way then cleaning carpets can be a handy thing to do. The very first thing you should keep in mind is that every stain is different and you cannot clean each with the same technique. These are the tips you should generally consider for cleaning a carpet like a pro:

1. Do not rub the stain:

This is the most common mistake and has even become our reflex. We tend to rub the stain off and it makes it more horrible than before. What you should do is blot, soak a cleaning towel or sponge in a cleaning solution and dab on the stain. Be careful to blot the stain towards inward as outward blotting may worsen your efforts.

2. Hydrogen peroxide:

This is not commonly found in households but you can easily buy one from a drug store. These work best in removing blood stains. Simply, dab some cotton in hydrogen peroxide solution and the blood stains shall be vanished as magic.

3. Shaving cream to the rescue:

Ever heard of it? Yes, shaving cream can help you with cleaning too. It can remove any type of stain from the carpet. Apply ample amount of it directly on the stain and wait for some time till it sets properly. Then mix equal amounts of vinegar and water to make a solution and scrap off the cream with this solution gently. You will notice the change immediately.

4. Soda cleaning:

So, you have spilled some beer or liquor? There’s no need to worry because soda can clean it within a minute. Blot the stain with some soda or vinegar and water solution. If the stain still persists then clean with warm water after vinegar or soda application.

5. Ice cubes:

Sticky stains like a chewing gum or candy are the hardest to get rid of but an ice cube can help with those. Freeze the gum or candy with an ice cube for a minute or till it becomes solid and remove it with the help of tongs.