Carpet Stain Removal Myths

There is no getting away from the fact that carpet stains are unsightly. It is also a well-known fact that they can be notoriously challenging to remove. We invest so much in products and time, only to feel we have either damaged our carpets or failed at removing the stain. There are many stain removal myths and the following information has been put together in order to put right these myths.

Myth number one is that you should pour salt onto a stain. The belief is that the salt will absorb or soak up the stain. It is true that salt may start to draw out the stain, especially if it is something like red wine or coffee. However, it really is not the best method of stain removal. The salt is unable to absorb everything up and you will be left with residue that still needs cleaning. Never mind the fact that the actual salt can become a challenge in itself to remove.

Myth number two is that the best thing to remove red wine is white wine. It has also been known that some believe to remove white wine stains that red wine can neutralise it. Some may find this shocking, but it really is incredible what some people believe. In the case of pouring white wine on red wine, it is likely that you will see the colour dispersing. Effectively the white wine is doing exactly what water would do. The best advice here is to save your white wine for another occasion.

Myth number three is that you should use salt or vinegar to balance the chemical reaction of some acidic stains. There may be some cases where this chemical philosophy may help stain removal. However, you would need vast expertise and knowledge of exact amounts and in what applications it may work. Better advice would be to use water and a blotting technique first. You may then be left with residue which can be treated appropriately. It is really important to not make the stain more of a challenge to fully remove. Remember anything that you put onto your carpet then needs to be removed as well. You do not want to damage the fibres during the stain removal process and some products will either leave a residue or will leave the carpet tacky or even crusty.

Myth number four is that carpet cleaning products must work, or they wouldn’t be allowed to advertise their effectiveness. It may be hard to believe but many products available to purchase in shops do not work effectively on wool or other types of carpets. The products are usually too generic and can burn wool fibres or strip protective coatings of other carpets. It is always a good idea to test on an inconspicuous area of your carpet prior to application on an area you can see. A better approach is knowing exactly what techniques and products work for individual stains.

This approach is undeniably the best way to fully remove carpet stains. Unfortunately, you cannot believe everything you hear or read. Instead it is better to seek advice from a trusted source. Professional carpet cleaners have tailored and specialist approaches for removing carpet stains. These are used frequently and work to fully remove the stain, leave your carpet fibres undamaged and remove all residue so that further staining will not occur. An individual and tailored approach is the best way forward. You will save both time and money and be left with a superior result.