Should You Install a Glass Basin on Your Counter Top?

Counter top sinks are incredibly fashionable, particularly those made from glass. Not only will they give your bathroom a slick, contemporary look, they are also incredibly easy to clean. Plus, observing water through a see-through basin is always somewhat of a novelty – however old we are.

That said, there are things you may need to consider before fixing one to your counter top. For a start, is glass the right material to bring in to your bathroom? If you have young children, for example, it may not be the safest option – you might be better off with stone or ceramic.

This is because glass is prone to shatter, and not just as a result of great impact – it can also break due to extreme changes in temperature. This is called thermal shock, and can occur in environments where the temperature is unregulated; if someone pours scaling water from the kettle into the sink, for example.

If your concerned about the safety of a glass sink, but are still sure it is the right option for your home, it’s best to opt for toughened safety glass to make sure it is robust. Many manufactures will use this material as a standard practice, but it’s best to make sure – particularly if you have children.

You’ll also want to make sure that your basin comes complete with a tap and waste set (complete with tap connectors) before you finalise your purchase. These parts can be bought separately, but it’s best to use the ones that were intended for your specific model to ensure they are compatible.

Your counter top sink will also need a waste solution that will easily connect up to the rest of your plumbing, so make sure you do some research on which is the best option for your sink.

A push or click pop up waste disposal is by far the simplest to use, and will make light work of cleaning your basin. They also look the most streamline, which will add to the sleek appearance of your new bathroom feature.

If you’re purchasing a counter top basin that comes with a tap and waste set included, you will need to make sure it comes with a fixing kit. Whilst it is recommended that you bring in a qualified plumber to install your sink, you should be able to fit the tap and waste set yourself.

Another item you may need to purchase separately is a counter-mounting ring. Make sure you buy one that has been specifically designed for glass sinks, as these will need to offer a different level of support to those intended for ceramic or stone sinks.

It’s also important that the ring it is tightened by hand when it’s being fitted. This is because if it sits too tightly against the basin, the glass could shatter, so be sure your plumber knows not to use a spanner or wrench.

Contrary to common opinion, glass sinks are surprisingly easy to clean. You could either purchase a gentle glass cleaner intended for windows or shower doors, or you could save yourself some money by mixing up some vinegar and water to remove water spots and build up.

It’s important not to use bleach or other heavy chemicals on the glass, and to bear in mind that the use of abrasive sponges or scourers could scar the material permanently.

Glass basins have many benefits, and look particularly stylish on a marble or oak counter top. If you’re ordering one online, make sure you take all the necessary measurements, and consult a customer service advisor if you’re unsure about any of the product’s specifications.