3 Therapeutic Features of Walk In Tubs

The three therapeutic features in a walk-in tub with high utility are chromotherapy, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy. Seniors absolutely love this combination of therapy as they deliver the goods on an emotional, physical, and mental level.

Let’s look at each feature and detail what it can offer you.


On more than one front, walk-in tubs excel at funneling all the benefits of hydrotherapy in one place. These include soaking, the whirlpool massage system, and the air massage system.

Whirlpool: By way of water jets circling the inner walls of the tub, a senior can rotate the nozzles in such a way that they provide more massaging force to those aching muscle groups, accelerate blood circulation to speed up healing.

Air Massage: For a more soothing and relaxing massage experience, seniors are bound to love the air massage feature as it reduces stress, anxiety, an even depression. Apart from the psychological benefits, air massagers clean the skin pores from nasty toxins and leave it feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


Among cancer patients, studies were performed to check the validity of aromatherapy’s effective properties. The results showed that “significant reduction in anxiety in the aromatherapy massage group and an improvement in symptoms… [and] reduction in blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate.”

Walk-in tubs include a dish on the rim and an air pump to fill the air with a fragrance of your choice. Lacking that extra punch in the morning? A lemon fragrance permeating throughout the bathroom will rejuvenate your mind and improve your blood circulation to the point where you’ll feel optimistic about the day ahead. Conversely, lavender oil soothes all your troubles and eases any stress that you may be experiencing.


Scientific research has shown how beneficial colors are to the development of our wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional level. Chromotherapy – also known as light therapy – has shown great promise in the past and continues to do so.

Walk-in tubs incorporate this feature with the use of LEDs found within the tub’s enclosure. It works by shining a particular color of the senior’s choice through the water and the entire bathroom. The walls and ceiling of the bathroom space is filled up with this color, creating an atmosphere meant to soothe or excite the user in the tub.

Seniors can choose between warm and cool colors. Warm colors are meant to trigger a feeling of excitement and an improvement of blood circulation, which makes them an excellent choice for those morning baths that kick start the day and prepare the user for the tasks ahead. Cool colors, on the other hand, elicit more relaxing feelings and ease the user to become more calm and ready for a goodnight’s sleep.